Illiana Christian High School has many opportunities for students to get involved in 音乐艺术. One place students can grow their passions is through our multiple orchestral style bands. 交响乐团, 风合奏, and 管弦乐队 offer students a high-quality music education while encouraging them to glorify God with their gifts. We take immense pride in our music program and hope you find a place to join us!

  • 交响乐团: 交响乐团 is open to an unlimited number of students who have reached a certain level of proficiency on their instrument. The band performs original works for band, sacred music, and orchestral transcriptions. Students in this band also work out of band method books to improve their playing skills on their instrument and their knowledge of music theory. 在春天 the 交响乐团 combines with the 风合奏 to form the Marching 乐队, which marches in two or three, 每年游行.
  • 风合奏: 风合奏 is Illiana Christian’s most advanced band. This is a select ensemble limited to 54 members. Students attend one after school sectional per week as part of the class requirement. The group performs mostly advanced wind band literature and sacred music, 然而, in the spring the band will perform a pops concert including Broadway show tunes, 电影的主题, 等. The band also participates in IHSA Concert Festivals and other various concert band competitions throughout the country. 在春天, the 风合奏 combines with the 交响乐团 to form the Marching 乐队, which marches in two or three 每年游行.
  • 乐团: 管弦乐队 is a newer addition to Illiana’s musical repertoire. 由Mr领导. 安迪•安德森, this group of students focuses on using orchestral instruments and growing in their skills of a traditional 管弦乐队. Beginning 管弦乐队 is open to string players entering grades 9-12. Educational emphasis is placed on the advancement of technique, further development of music reading skills, 语调, 音乐才能, 和风格. Group performances will include music written for orchestra and/or string ensemble. Literature will contain both classical and popular pieces. 

Glorifying God through music is important for every student at ICHS. In Genesis 1:28 we are commanded to subdue the Earth. This implies that all areas of human endeavor should come under Christ’s domination. Students who attend Illiana Christian should see the glory of God in the 艺术 as well as all other areas of the curriculum. Students should see their talents as gifts of God, to be used for his glory, not just for entertainment, 自我满足, or any other reason. 

The curriculum in the Music Department is designed to help the students become the musicians God intends them to be. Students will be given skills of 音乐才能, vocal and instrumental technique, and interpretation to glorify God throughout their adult life, 从而丰富了 Christian 社区. In the Music Department, individual skills are augmented with group dynamics. 

The bands and choirs are specialized communities within the Christian 学术 社区. Students will be taught to have a responsible attitude toward other musicians, contributing their own talents to the good of the group. This includes 音乐才能, behavior towards others, a sense of responsibility toward the group and its objectives, and faithful attendance at all concerts.