Let’s say you have a cousin from Atlanta, Georgia, and one from Brooklyn, New York.  其中一个给你打电话. Can you tell which one it is just by how they say, “Hi there. 你今天过得怎么样?“你当然可以! That’s because even though your cousins both speak English, 他们每个人都有不同的口音.

That’s a good comparison to use when talking about different groups of Christians. We all speak the same language in many cases, but we speak it with different accents or emphases. Here at 推荐一个正规买足球彩票的app平台, we speak with a Reformed accent. 和, if you’ve wondered what “Reformed” really means—and if you’ve felt like you needed a translation—here are some things about just what that word means for Illiana Christian High School.

Reformed Christians emphasize the 圣经 as the foundation of all we believe and all we do. 这意味着我们正在被重塑(或重新形成,明白吗??) by what God’s Word says, not by someone’s opinion or by what modern society says is a good idea. The only opinion that matters is God’s, and we learn about what God says in the 圣经. 从那本圣书, 我们可以了解上帝, 我们自己, 世界, 和上帝之间的关系, 我们自己和世界.

The 代币tures tell us many things about God: how He has worked in the past and how He works today.  Reformed Christians read that word and see a theme: God is in control! He is the sovereign God: the One who is ruling and the One who is in charge. That means that no matter what the front page of the newspaper says, 我们的世界并没有失控. God has all things in His hand, and He will work them out according to His divine plan.

One of the most important things that is under God’s control is salvation. God does the work of saving us, providing a Savior while we were yet sinners. 我们救不了自己. We don’t earn or deserve eternal life with God in heaven. Our salvation is a gift—by grace through faith—because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. God’s control over our eternal destiny is the source of great comfort! It doesn’t depend on my good works (which are never good enough) or my feelings (which are bound to vary). Salvation depends on an all good, loving, merciful, sovereign God who never changes.

When Reformed Christians look at the story of the 圣经, they notice another thread running through the Old and New Testaments: the idea of covenant. God makes covenant promises with Noah, Abraham, David, and the children of Israel. Even when the human parties don’t hold up their end of the agreement, God is faithful. Amazingly enough, God wants to include us in His covenant as well!  神应许要作我们的神,我们也要作他的子民, 他对我们和我们的孩子做出了这样的承诺.

That’s why Reformed Christians believe so strongly in Christian education. Illiana Christian High School partners with Christian homes and churches to work together in the important task of raising children to know and follow Christ. But Reformed Christian education is about so much more than chapel and 圣经 class. It’s about how the Lordship of Christ affects every area of life, 每一个主题, 每一个动作, 每一个娱乐. So Illiana Christian High School emphasizes that science and history, business and 乐队、午餐时间及 篮球 所有的实践都与我们对上帝的信仰有关. There’s no area that’s not sacred; there’s no part of school life where we can hang up a “Keep Out” sign for God.

Education from a Reformed perspective often uses the idea of Kingdom—God’s Kingdom. That’s a Kingdom which is already here, but is not yet fully realized. 上帝(父亲, 儿子, and Holy Spirit) is still working today to redeem 世界 He created and loves, and He asks us—His creatures—to join Him in that redemptive work. That means we don’t run away from this world or hide from it just waiting to go to heaven. No! God calls us to work for Him and His Kingdom today to redeem all aspects of life:  movies, 音乐, 政治, 演示文稿.

That opens up an exciting world of possibilities for Illiana Christian High School students; God can use them in a wide variety of jobs in the future. Our job today is to help them learn so that they will be ready when God calls them into service.

One way to explain what Reformed Christianity is all about is to go back in church history and explain the connection between churches on the family tree of denominations. But Reformed ideas aren’t really just associated with one church; the word “Reformed” is a way of explaining and acting on faith that crosses denominational lines. 强调神的话语, 至高无上的上帝, 唯独因恩典得救, 神的约信实, 他的国度和我们在其中的角色, is just one way of speaking Christianity with a particular accent. 而在 推荐一个正规买足球彩票的app平台, 我们希望这句话能说清楚.