我们的历史 & 任务


“伊里阿纳 Christian High School is founded on the 圣经 as interpreted in the 改革 creeds. We graduate 学术ally capable people with a comprehensive Christian view of life committed to the challenge of serving God and others.”

伊里阿纳 is founded on the 圣经 as interpreted in the 改革 creeds, namely The Canons of Dort, The Heidelberg Catechism, and The Belgic Confession. (These creeds can be found online at 还有其他地方.) We graduate 学术ally capable young people with a comprehensive Christian view of life who are committed to the challenge of serving God and others. The school is supported by more than 4,000 families and 35 改革 churches (Christian 改革, 改革, 新教改革, 美国的改革, and independent 改革 churches). There are more than 9,000 校友. The school is known for its 学术 卓越,培养 心灵成长, and broad array of opportunities for 学生. 伊里阿纳 remains very closely tied to its original vision of preparing young men and women to serve God through everything they do in all areas of life. Because of our respect for each individual as an image-bearer of God and our respect for all vocations as equal before God, we are committed to providing 学生 vocational training, 学术准备, and spiritual challenge.


  • 1911— Christian elementary schools established in Highland, Lansing, Munster, and South Holland,以及最近 皇冠点. 出现了对 Christian secondary education 在该地区.
  • 1944— First 伊里阿纳 board meeting at the Munster Christian 改革 Church. 根据他们的报告, the 伊里阿纳 Christian High School Association was organized with 141 charter members. Each of the ten churches was represented by an elected board member forming the first 伊里阿纳 board. It was at this meeting that 伊里阿纳 was established!
  • 1945–伊里阿纳’s founders felt challenged by the idea of creating Christian secondary education 在该地区, and in September the very first class started at the newly built location. The school held 90 学生.
  • 1946— By fall, the number had grown to 135 total 学生. The building wasn’t finished and the accommodations were inadequate, so the 学生 moved to a temporary location.
  • 1948伊里阿纳’s location was established on a piece of land called “Bock’s 场” in Lansing, Ill.
  • 1956年和1966年— The 伊里阿纳 school building became too small to hold the growing number of 学生, so it went through constructional expansions in these two years. Around 260 学生 attended 伊里阿纳 in ‘56, and the numbers kept increasing.
  • 1977— A large gymnasium and industrial arts facility were added. Additional support staff was added to meet the increasing administrative and custodial needs. There were over 770 学生 crowding the halls of 伊里阿纳. All the 学生 could not fit into the auditorium and separate chapels had to be held.
  • 80年代和90年代— 伊里阿纳’s diversity grew and added many new staff and faculty members to accommodate the 学生, still keeping its goal to provide Christian secondary education in Illinois and 印第安纳州.
  • 2018–伊里阿纳 Christian High School moved to a brand new building in Dyer, 印第安纳州, and established itself within the community there.

One thing has remained the same throughout the many years of changes here at 伊里阿纳, and that is our purpose. 老师, 学生, 父母, and constituents want this to be a place of 学术 and social growth, but most of all a place to become a better-equipped servant of Christ. Our hope and prayer is for the Lord to continue to bless all who work, 研究, 学习, 在伊利亚纳成长. If you want to be a part of this mission and story, explore what we offer through our website or set up a visit at 伊里阿纳’s Dyer, 印第安纳州 校园!